((What program do you use to do the gifs? :) I'm thinking of doing an ask blog and I'm still a bit new to the whole thing haha >w< ))

OOC: I use a program called Free Video To GIF Converter, the program looks like this when you open it:


since I use my camera to film my gifs this is optimal for me to use instead of online sites that need webcams ;V;/ 
I’d rather use photoshop (better quality) but I only have the old PS 7 ver. which can’t make gifs *crai*

if you’re wondering what size I use for my gifs it’s 240x180 (you need to tick off the “keep aspect ratio” thing to be able to do that. 

Good luck with your ask blog!!! <3 

I’m reporting Germany for cyber-bullying

I know this ask is very very old anon, and I hope that you figured things out with your boyfriend. Remember that when you’re in a relationship with someone,communication is important.
So if there is ever something you are uncomfortable, worried or sad about you should tell them!. Even if it’s a thing like him not responding, which sounds kind of rude. But maybe he was busy.
If it keeps going on for the whole day or more days you should probably just ask him <3 It doesn’t hurt and you will feel more at ease.

Regarding “annoying” people when you try and talk to them, don’t worry. Really. 
Remember that your friends will always be there for you, just look at me and Germany. He says I’m annoying at times but I’m sure that deep down he doesn’t really mean it. And we’re still friends as you can see!

You shouldn’t be afraid of annoying people when you try and talk to them, and I’m sure that a lot of people, including me, know how you feel. 

The only time you should be vary is if you write to the same person every single minute of your day :0!! That way you will also run out of things to talk about!

I hope it helps a bit , and I’m so sorry for the late response but I still thought I should respond to it. 

Abbraci e baci <3 if you are ever worried about anything else, just come to me.



I lost two followers after that last ask

are my jokes that bad guys?

I’m doing pretty great since I got back to my normal self!

So there’s no need for me to train ever again.

This is actually about wigs. How would you clean your wig? I know you use fabric softener, but how long do you keep it in there for? Thanks in advance.

I don’t use fabric softener to clean my wigs ;v;/ soaking your wig in fabric softener is typically for long wigs that needs to be detangled!

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How do you remake and reattach the curl? I'm planning to Cosplay Italy REALLY soon, all I need is the wig! I love yours, so I'd probably use the same source. But I'd just like a bit of instruction / a link to maybe a tutorial to HOW to reattach / remake the curl. Thank you! (PS I'm really glad you're back! I missed you!) - Lauren

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